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We offer the best in Bellyboard innovation throughout Southern California.

After 45 years of evolution and experience in designing and making my own BELLYBOARDS, I am now able to offer a quality product for prone riders.

Born from the short-board era of the 70's, influential shapers like Mike Hynon, Dick Brewer, Sam Hawk, Herbie Fletcher and more.... began to shape fiberglass bellyboards for prone riders. This surfboard inspired culture started the evolution of the bellyboard into what you see here today.

Leo Bellyboards and renowned shaper Chris Kaysen have taken this to the next performance level. Creating a prone riders dream..... A High performance bellyboard design that can be customized to a riders specification.

The Original Mike Hynson Bellyboard circa1997

Mike Hynson

(Legendary Shaper) with

Jerry "Leo" Padilla

(Bellyboard Innovator)

at The Boardroom 2014



Order one of our in stock boards  or design a fully customizable board to fit any rider.